About me

šŸŒž Hey there!

I'm Jenn, a product designer based in Seattle who lives with her two precious šŸˆ cats.

My family immigrated from Vietnam during the 80s. My mom's a boss lady who could even sew her own suits (since money was tight). Naturally, I grew up to be a maker as well. āœ‚ļø

Some straight facts

  • The anchor baby of my immigrant family with two siblings (they may be twice my age, but Iā€™m kind of a big deal).
  • My ESL teacher was šŸ¤ Big Bird from Sesame Street (bless).
  • I flunked out of college trying to be a doctor. šŸ‘©šŸ»
  • Amaretto, my cat, greets me like a dog when I come home.

A couple dance vids